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Driver angle of an orange 2022 Nissan ARIYA driving on a highway

When is the Release Date for the 2022 Nissan ARIYA?

2022 Nissan ARIYA Model Reveal Video and Features

Do you crave innovation in a vehicle that looks and feels futuristic? Do you wish to eliminate gas from your next ride? Introducing the all-new Nissan ARIYA, the brand’s first electric crossover! Announced earlier this past summer and coming soon as a 2022 model, the ARIYA is expected to electrify the standards of driving by providing an experience that is free of emissions and feels luxurious. Currently, the expected release date for the Nissan ARIYA is at the end of 2021. While we still have some time before we see the ARIYA on the roads, let’s take a glance at some of the features you can expect.

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