Comfort and Technology Go Hand-in-Hand With the Nissan Murano

Comfort and technology should always go hand-in-hand. This is especially true with a vehicle because long drives are unpleasant when basic needs are neglected. With the Nissan Murano's interior features, you get a popular AWD crossover that keeps the cabin at the right temperature and music at the right level, and drivers' preferences easily adjust at the touch of a button.

The interior is equipped so that everyone can feel comfortable and enjoy the tunes. Everything is adjustable so that there's never dead spots where certain passengers can't hear the music.

You'll also love the driver's memory system, which adjusts steering wheel height, seat position, and exterior mirrors so that when one driver is tall and the other is short, both drivers can quickly find their ideal positions quickly. It does this by syncing with each driver's Intelligent Key so that the car adjusts at the touch of the push-button start.



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